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    The Trubar Forum (Združenje Trubarjev forum) is a voluntary, non-profit and independent organization of individuals who are interested in preserving, cultivating, broadening and continuing the Reformation evangelical/protestant heritage in the arenas of culture, sociology and faith. 

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    The Right Understanding of God  


    “But true faith, which Christ speaks about everywhere in the gospels and which Paul, the apostles and prophets write about, is possessed only by one who not only knows and believes that God exists, but also personally knows the true God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is the faith by which a person receives the forgiveness of sins and by which he will be made godly and righteous before God, so that he can come into heaven.”

    “With such faith a Christian can stand and withstand in troubles and temptations and resist the unbelief that is in our flesh.”

    “True Christian faith in a person creates such good habits and thinking and completely changes him. From a foolish person he becomes wise, from a sinner faith makes him a saint, in short, it takes him from hell and puts him in heaven. Now remember this well and see to it that you get this faith by obeying God's word and with daily prayer. And live an honest life. May the heavenly Father grant us such faith because of his beloved Son Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit! To him be all honour and praise, always and for ever. Amen.”

    - Primož Trubar, 1550 Catechism
    Primož Trubar - A Man for All Seasons - .pdf, 783 kB    
    Reformation for Everyone    

    Slovenes are rightly proud of the fact that their reformers (Primož Trubar and others) placed them on the European cultural and spiritual map around 500 years ago.  Slovenia was the 12th nation to have a translation of the whole Bible (1584), in addition to many other books. 

    Slovenes know Trubar as the creator of the Slovene literary language and the author of the first Slovene books.  But they often overlook the fact that, for Trubar and the other reformers, books and language were tools to achieve a higher goal.  The goal that Trubar had is clearly stated in the first sentence of the first Slovene book: 

    “For all Slovenes: grace, peace, mercy and the true knowledge of God through Jesus Christ I pray.” 

    He wanted his fellow countrymen to have a true, personal understanding of God, founded on knowledge of the Bible, God’s word.

    For the reformers, it was primarily a personal reformation.  The Gospel message the reformers taught from Romans, “The just shall live by faith,” points to personal faith based on the Bible. 

    Thus we can see why Trubar was so passionate about translating the Bible and writing and printing other Christian books.  The thing he wanted most for his “Beloved Slovenes” was to enable them to read the Bible in their own language, so they would know and understand what and why they believe, and to turn away from the superstition that was so prevalent. 


    The Gospel message says that man can be personally saved by faith through Jesus Christ, and we can know this as well today by reading the Bible and listening to God’s word.  When a person opens his heart to God and receives Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, he enters into a new, personal relationship with God, he has peace with God. 

    It is in this context that we can understand the tirelessness and commitment of the reformers, because they were so strongly convinced that everyone needs, first of all, a personal reformation from which comes spiritual life and power to serve others.  But personal reformation only comes to the individual through understanding and accepting the foundational Gospel message. 

    This begs the question: do we also need personal reformation today?  It seems quite clear that Trubar would say the same things to us today.  Specifically, that his “Beloved Slovenes” and all peoples would have a personal knowledge of God based on the Bible.  Thus it’s one of the main goals of the Trubar Forum to translate Trubar’s works into modern Slovene so that he can encourage us toward personal reformation today as well. 

    The “Teacher” in Ecclesiastes 1:9 wrote:  “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”  Just as Slovenes in the 16th century needed personal reformation, so do they, and all of us, 500 years later. 
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